innovative images inspired by you

You’re searching for something unique and exclusive.
Something artistic and intentional
that stands out from the crowd and embodies who you are.

You want images that tell your story.
Captured by a photographer who understands your style.

Wedding couple embracing at Elkins Estate Mansion, Philadelphia


as seen in



Southern Bride

Photographing weddings for the past eight years has shown me that every love story, wedding, and experience differs completely from the last. And while many photographers share this sentiment,

they don't always prove it in their images. I do.

One look at my portfolio and you'll notice that I don't chase the same poses or moments from one wedding to the next. Nor do I specialize in one style or approach. Instead, my work is a creative blend—inspired by you and enhanced by me. And ultimately determined by the look and feel of your day.

Discover my approach

He has an incredibly creative eye!

His edits are impeccably done with excellent attention to detail.
 And he incorporated everything -and more- that he knew we would love!


Picture of a stunning Elkins Park Estate wedding ceremony and reception


As a visual storyteller, I'll capture compelling imagery.
And as a passionate professional, I'll create a custom experience
 that exceeds your expectations.

And I'll do it all with

creativity, dedication,
& an unwavering commitment to excellence.

How it works



A unique perspective and fresh approach to capturing the moments, people, and details that matter.



Seamless communication and reliable support that helps you feel understood, informed, and cared for.



The insight, talent, and creativity needed to deliver an exceptional experience, plus stunning images to prove it.


Scott captured all of the moments that were important to us,
and exceeded all of our expectations.

Scott was incredible! He was extremely professional and courteous throughout the entire process. Communicating with him was easy, and he was able to make us feel comfortable.


Providing crystal clear and consistent communication with you so you are not left in the dark (Ahem, the other photographers who barely respond to you) about the process

Partnering with your Dallas wedding planner about your photo timeline to help create a flawless flow of events

Capturing highest of quality portraits and detail photos you spent so much time planning and dreaming up since you were little

I'm known to lead and take charge and ensure you receive all the photos you want without wasting your precious time (So you can get back to partying with your friends as fast as possible)

Taking photos of your guests and special loved ones attending your wedding without you having to ask because I know they matter so much to you as well

Where do we go from here?






Wedding Day



After all the countless hours spent planning, crafting and dreaming - The big day has arrived. This is the moment you get to spend time with your friends, family and special people in your life.

It's so important to have a strong connection with your photographer before the first camera shutter is even clicked. To receive detailed pricing and availability, head over to my contact page to connect.

The first step in our journey together is a pre wedding shoot called the engagement session. It's the perfect opportunity for us to connect before the wedding and get you used to being in front of the camera.

We live in a digital world but your wedding photos shouldn't. Imagine flipping through your wedding album 3 years down the road and having the chance to experience your wedding day all over again.

Welcome to my photography studio, nestled near the vibrant heart of downtown Dallas. While I call this bustling city home, my passion for capturing precious moments knows no bounds. I proudly extend my photography services across a wide array of enchanting locations throughout Texas and beyond. From the charming streets of McKinney, Plano, Irving, and Las Colinas to the dynamic communities of Addison, Frisco, Fort Worth, Denton, and beyond, my lens is poised to preserve your special moments, regardless of where you are.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience of love and celebration with my expertise in crafting mesmerizing and cinematic wedding photographs. Each frame is a work of art meticulously captured at your chosen wedding venue, reflecting the unique ambiance and emotions of your special day. I offer tailor-made photography packages curated to your specific requirements, ensuring that your vision is brought to life flawlessly. If you crave a photographer who understands your desires and delivers precisely what you envision, I invite you to reach out to me without hesitation.