Brighton Abbey Wedding Photos

November 29, 2021

Brighton Abbey Wedding Photos

Deciding on your venue is one of your most meaningful choices when planning your wedding. Numerous Dallas venues offer space, facilities, and views. However, many of these venues are built for various events aside from weddings. You may have to cater or hire specific elements to style the venue. This additional cost can be impractical, so you should consider looking at these Brighton Abbey Wedding photos.

Budget is certainly a consideration when looking at venues, but you also need to consider the background for photos. To look your best, you need natural light, so a building with plenty of windows is always welcome. White walls also help as they reflect the light and add a gorgeous glow.

What Makes Brighton Abbey Unique?

Well, my answer is easy – Bright Abbey Wedding Venue. This bespoke white building is different from most. Situated in Aubrey, Texas, Bright Abbey is built for weddings. From the moment you pull up through the gate, you will quickly get a feel for the place.

The stunning wedding venue contains multiple rooms with all the attention to detail a bride and groom need. The Royal Room is the ideal space for all the pre-wedding preparations. Getting your hair and makeup attended to in the Royal Room makes sense. For starters, it’s at the same venue, so you look your best when you walk down the aisle, and secondly, the room is perfect for photography. There’s plenty of space to move around (great if you have an oversized wedding dress), and the makeup area isn’t against a wall.

The Grooms Suite

On the other hand, the Regal Room is the polar opposite of the Royal Room for the groom and groomsmen. Rather than washed white walls, an executive vibe resonates through the furniture and walls. Photos in this space are sophisticated and lend themself to capturing the groom’s character, best man, and groomsmen.

Once everyone is ready, I find the Cathedral Room, one of the best Dallas venues for capturing iconic photographs. The hall is purpose-built for weddings. Isles are wide, light is abundant, and there is enough space to capture the moments from different angles. If getting married indoors isn’t your ideal fairy tale, Bright Abbey has this covered too. Outside you’ll find a stunning event lawn saturated within the 5-acre oasis to say your vowels – and trust me when I say it’s gorgeous!

Brighton Abbey Reception Photos

Following this, the Dining Room houses enough space to seat larger wedding parties rather than visit another venue to enjoy a meal together. So as you can read, Bright Abbey has it all. You won’t need to jump from one place to another.

Now that you have the venue sorted (hopefully, this recommendation was helpful), think about the style of photography you want. Dallas has a huge selection of wedding photographers to choose from, but certain things set us apart. For instance, my style of photography is about documenting the special moments in the day but also capturing the fleeting moments that happen. Guests, table decorations, family emotions, and venue all play a big part in the story of your day. It’s a good idea to combine a great wedding location and an experienced pro who can work with you to help tell your story. Be sure to check out as a Fort Worth wedding planner serving the DFW areas.