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Nick & Margaux McCune

Fort worth, tx 1/15/2022

“Working with Scott was a dream come true. We were both anxious about posing and being akward in front of the camera but Scott worked his magic and the photos turned out incredible. We felt that we wanted a videographer but decided not to last minute and after he delivered the photos, we didn't even need a videographer after all because he captured everything! He gave us exactly what we wanted and that was someone taking charge, leading and giving us photographs that we will show our kids and Grandkids someday. Thank you again Scott!"

Jesse & Stefan Castro

LITTLE ELM, TX 11/25/21

"Scott did a wonderful job with both our engagement and wedding photos! We could tell when we took our engagements how diligent he was and how much he cared about his work and our opinion of it in the end. He knew exactly what to do to get the shot! He gave us great direction with posing (which we desperately needed all the help on). The finished product was even better than we imagined, especially on our wedding photos. So many of my family members were so pleased with how they all turned out. My husband and I cried many happy tears going through our wedding album and seeing how perfectly our day was captured. Thank you Scott for giving us the greatest gift to remember our special day by!"

Chris & Sophia Jacob

keller, tx 8/25/21

My husband and I worked with Scott two times, for our engagement shoot back in January 2021, and wedding in April 2021. He’s one-of-a-kind, you can tell that photography is his passion. We were in awe of all the pictures and how well the vivid colors and all the little details were captured. The photo quality was just incredible! The shots that I felt iffy about while they were being taken, turned out to be the best! He has a way of making your “bad side” your good side! The turnaround time for getting the pictures back to us both times was very quick, and we appreciated that so much. He was very accommodating/flexible about scheduling our engagement shoot, and come wedding planning time, he helped me make a photo timeline for the wedding day, which really took some of the stress off of me! To sum it up, we loved working with him! You cannot go wrong by picking Scott for your wedding (!!) or engagement portraits! Thank you Scott for the beautiful photographs to relive our special day through! :)