The Best Mansions and Industrial Wedding Venues in Fort Worth, Texas

January 16, 2022

Searching for Fort Worth Wedding venues means something special is about to happen in your world.  When you’re planning a wedding or reception, you’ve inevitably got a pretty big to-do list! And for most couples, the first thing on the list is to find the perfect wedding venue. No pressure or anything, but the venue is a pretty big deal – it sets the scene for your day, hosts all your guests, and it’s the place where you’ll be marrying the love of your life! But don’t worry, this guide will help you narrow down the options. Here are 7 of the best mansion and industrial wedding venues in Fort Worth, Texas!


Brik Wedding Venue – Fort Worth, TX

The Brik venue is definitely one of the best industrial wedding venues in Fort Worth. As a matter of fact, an industrial venue is perfect for couples who want to personalize the space, and the Brik does just that! It’s located in a vibrant urban neighborhood, so it’s close to the hustle and bustle of the city.  However, inside, you’ll find a historic charm that perfectly combines simplicity and luxury to give you a space that feels cozy and modern.


There are suites for you both to get ready and relax before the ceremony, which will take place in a gorgeous room with natural lighting, wood floors, and white brick walls. For your reception, the venue effortlessly converts to a reception space. The simplicity of the Brik wedding venue means you can go all out with floral decorations, or keep it minimalist for a modern, elegant vibe! There’s even space outdoors where you can take some photos with the whitewashed brick, and an ivy wall that makes a stunning backdrop.


It can accommodate up to 300 people, so it’s perfect for just about any wedding.


The 4 Eleven Wedding Venue – Fort Worth, TX

The 4 Eleven is a really unique industrial wedding venue in Fort Worth, located right on the historic South Main Street. Once you step through the rustic sliding door, you can choose from several different spaces for your wedding.


In addition, The Garden Patio is perfect for small weddings, featuring a cozy space with twinkle lights, and brick walls covered with ivy plants to make the outdoor space feel private.


The Warehouse is the biggest ceremony space, with room for up to 350 guests. The warehouse was built in the 1920s, and has been renovated with white brick and wooden beams to create one of the best industrial wedding venues in Fort Worth. When you rent the Warehouse, you also get access to the Bridal Suite and Bro’s Nest, as well as the Mezzanine – a room with lots of windows and natural light, and a majestic double staircase to the balcony. You can have your ceremony at the Mezzanine as well, if your wedding has up to 120 guests.


Springs Mansion Wedding Venue – Valley View, TX

About an hour north of Fort Worth, you’ll find one of the best mansion wedding venues in the town of Valley View. The Springs Mansion is an elegant estate with brick walkways, indoor chapels, and rolling hills surrounding the property.


You’ll have access to the getting ready suites, and two options for your ceremony. The first is a stunning outdoor ceremony space with gorgeous views of the hills, and the second is indoors, in the rustic white wood chapel. Inside, you’ll find a ballroom where you can dance and celebrate with your guests, or get cozy by the fireplace!


Bethel Rock Wedding Venue – Leonard, TX

Located in the North Texas countryside, Bethel Rock is one of the best industrial wedding venues in Fort Worth, because it combines the rustic countryside, outdoor views, and an industrial reception space!


Surrounding the property, you’ll find incredible views of the lake and the lush greenery. There’s a bridal house for getting ready and a game room for groomsmen to relax. For the ceremony, you can choose from the outdoor chapel surrounded by woodsy scenery, or the beautiful viewpoint with backdrops of the horizon! When it’s time for your reception, you can use the indoor space, designed to be industrial with brick walls and large garage doors. There’s also room outside for a fire pit and a place for guests to enjoy the views, which you can use for the reception as well.


Hotel Drover Wedding Venue – Fort Worth, TX

Getting married in a hotel gives you the convenience of having a venue and a place to stay, all in one! The Hotel Drover has a modern barn, which is designed to be an industrial venue with some elements of rustic charm. There’s an outdoor space along with the bright interior, so you can have your ceremony outside before moving the party indoors!


There’s also the Legacy Hall, an elegant and versatile wedding venue with white walls, wooden ceilings, and an outdoor veranda.  


Omni Hotel Wedding Venue – Fort Worth, TX

The Omni Hotel offers 6,500 square feet of outdoor space, and over 9,500 square feet indoors. It’s in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, making it an incredibly convenient wedding venue!


You have several options for your wedding, with different ballrooms.


The Fort Worth Ballroom has space for up to 1,000 people, so this is the perfect venue for big celebrations. The decor is classic, and you can add your own personal touches to make the space your own. The foyer also offers views of the Fort Worth Water Gardens!


In the Texas Ballroom, you can host up to 2,000 guests. The foyer is decorated with floor to ceiling windows, which open up to views of downtown Fort Worth.


In reality, for smaller celebrations, there’s the Sundance Terrace, an outdoor space with room for up to 180 people overlooking the downtown skyline.


Fort Worth Wedding Venues

Fort Worth is a city filled with history and charm.  Known for it’s history Stockyards, the city is also filled with lovely wedding venues.  

After you’ve found the perfect place to tie the knot, the next step is to book a Fort Worth wedding photographer. Luckily, you don’t have to look far! Contact me, and let’s talk about your dream wedding day!